Remember Those Pecans?

You remember them, right? The Cinnamon-Spiced Pecans from the chocolate tart recipe that I posted over the weekend?

Well, if you are toying with making the tart, then I suggest that you make more pecans than you think you’ll need. And, even if you aren’t going to make the tart (though I don’t know why you wouldn’t; it’s ridiculously easy!) you should just make the pecans on their own. They keep well in an airtight container on the counter, make excellent snacking, are great in salads, or (I should try this!) over some Greek yogurt with a touch of honey.

That bag of pecans that are languishing in your freezer from Thanksgiving? Go get them! Make these Cinnamon-Spiced Pecans! You’ll be glad you did. You can thank me later.

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